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Welcome to the Tippecanoe County Medical Society (TCMS).   First established on January 5, 1847 as the "Medical Society of the Town of Lafayette," the society has played various roles in the administration and growth of both the medical practice in Tippecanoe County and the Greater Lafayette community at large.  


At the turn of the century, the society realized that a rebranding was in order: the society was called upon to be a resource for giving back to the community through physician out-reach volunteer efforts.  


We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of local fellowship and service opportunities available to physicians and physician families through our society.  Please feel free to read more about our society on this site or come to one of our meetings or events.  



Our Mission


The purpose of the Tippecanoe County Medical

Society is manifold.  First the society seeks to facilitate volunteer activities, in conjuction with local institutions of giving, for a unified, physician-based, volunteer group.   Through such efforts, we maintain the respect and support of the community we serve and provide leadership commensurate with the great educational and financial opportunities we have been provided.


Second, the society provides mulltiple events for fellowship among local practioners who may not otherwise be availed of opportunities to engage physicians outside their specialities in a collegial environment.  


Finally, the TCMS collaborates with the ISMA to monitor and influence the policies and proposals in the best interests Tippecanoe County patients;  patients who are our primary concern.  It is understood that the health and welfare of such patients is substantially affected by the administrative regulations and legislative actions taken in the Indiana State Capital and Washington, D.C..  Therefore, the society seeks the benefits of collaboration incumbent upon forming the Indiana State Medical Society (ISMA) with 75 other member medical societies of Indiana and the broader American Medical Association (AMA).  







TCMS 2022 Board

Marcy Tashjian-Gibbs, M.D., Internal Medicine, Geriatrics,  IU Health, President

Benerji Gudapati, M.D.,  Family Medicine, Hospitalist, IU Health, Vice President 

Jacob Babu,  M.D., Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, Franciscan Health, Treasurer

Saeed Ahmad, M.D., Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, IU Health, Secretary 

Abhay Singhal, M.D., Neonatologist, IU Health, Board of Directors at Large 

Ramesh Adhikari, M.D., Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, Geriatrics, Franciscan Health, Board of Directors at Large


Patricia Luban, J.D., M.S.:  Executive Director, County Representative. 

The Tippecanoe County Medical Society is a 501c3 organization.  

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