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The Tippecanoe County Medical Society:  

A Story that Begins in 1847


Events and Issues that Have Affected the Society Over the Last 2 Centuries



1816     Indiana becomes 19th State


1820     Indiana University Founded


1825     City of Lafayette Founded; 1826 Tippecanoe County with Lafayette as County Seat Est.


1837     Vincennes University Medical Dept. - First MD Degree Granted



1841     LaPorte University School of Medicine


1846     War with Mexico (Texas and California Annexation) 


1847     American Medical Association Founded


1847     Medical Society of the Town of Lafayette formed, changed to Tippecanoe County 

              Medical Society (TCMS) 


1848     TCMS Disbanded


1848     Mexico Surrendered


1848     William Worrell Mayo became a medical student at Indiana Medical College


1849     Indiana State Medical Society Formed


1851     William Worrell Mayo, M.D.,  established medical practice in Lafayette, Indiana


1855     William Worrell Mayo, M.D.,  left Lafayette, IN to reestablish in Minnesota



1861     MS, FL, AL, GA, LA, TX left the Union and formed the "Confederate States of America" 


1861     Civil War began on April 12th


1865     Civil War ended in April  


1866     Tippecanoe County Medical Society (TCMS) Revived


1869     Purdue University Founded


1869     Lafayette "Home for the Friendless" established at 16th & Howell Street.  This 

              would later be known as Home Hospital.  


1870     Tippecanoe County Medical Society (TCMS) Disbanded (2nd Time)


1875     Six Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration from Germany began a practice of caring

              (initially establishing a hospital in a former store building at 10th & Cincinnati Streets)


1877    Tippecanoe County Medical Society (TCMS) Revived (2nd Time)


1879     St.  Elizabeth Hospital established at 14th & Hartford Streets.  First case, Jan. 3rd Senility


1879     Louis Pasteur:   Demonstrated the value of vacciations to protect sheep against Anthrax




1880     First Medical Staff at St. Elizabeth Hospital 


1882     Arnett Campbell (A.C.)  Arnett born, Lafayette, IN


1883     St. Elizabeth Chapel established


1889     Dr. W.M. J. Mayo begins Family Practice in Rochester, MN with father and brother


1891     Indiana State Board of Health established


1895     Lafayette Home changes name to Lafayette Home Hospital 


1896     Indiana State Soldier's Home established


1897     Indiana Medical Practice Act passed (created the Indiana State Board of Medial Registration

              and Examination 


1898     USS Maine Explosion, Havana Harbor (The US attacked Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay followed

              by defeat of Spanish on the Philippine Islands and in Cuba.   Spain surrendered. 


1898     Lafayette Home Hospital -- Land purchase completed for land on South Street, Lafayette


1899     Lafayette Home Hospital School of Nursing established




1900     Mayo Clinic founded in Rochester, MN


1901     Home Hospital begins in Kile Building, first case Tuberculosis


1904     Indiana University School of Medicine established/admitted to membership AAMC


1905     Indiana Medical College of Purdue School of Medicine created - a union of The Medical

              College of Indiana, The Central College of Physicians and Surgeons,  and the Ft. Wayne

              College of Physicians


1907     A.C. Arnett graduated from the Indiana Medical College of Purdue School of Medicine with 

              Internship at St. Elizabeth Hospital (sponsor Dr. George Beesley)


1917     U.S.S. Housatonic Torpedoed/Sunk and United Stated Declares was on Germany


1918     Armistice World War I  (Nov 11)  


1919     Home Hospital becomes a 4 story building


1922     Arnett-Crockett Clinic established in Schultz Building 4th floor


1928     Arnett Clinic moved to 8th & Ferry Street


1934     Hitler - Becomes Dictator Followed by Rearmament of Germany 


1938     Germany - Invaded and Annexed Austria


1938     Wabash Valley Hospital established (formerly 7th Day Adventist for "Alcohol, Epilepsy, 

              & Other Nervous Disorders Institute" and later known as "Norway of Indianapolis."




1940      First Peace-Time Draft


1941     Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


1945     Victory in Europe (May 8) - Japanese surrender (Sept 5) - United Nations Formed (Oct 24)


1947     Purdue University Bleachers collapse (250 injured; 110 hospitalized; 3 deaths)


1950     Korean War - United States entered was as UN Forces Doctor's Draft Law goes into effect


1953     Armistice Korean War (July 27)


1958    Purdue University Student Hosptial established 


1960 - 1979


1962     Arnett Clinic - New Building at 2600 Greenbush (24 physicians)


1962    St. Elizazbeth addition built


1963     Home Hospital's Kile Building becomes ICU


1964     United States Entered Vietnam War


1969     Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon and Purdue University graduation Neil Alden Armstrong

              First to Walk on Moon


1971     First License for Radio - Telephone for Physicians (with base at Home Hospital)


1973     Home Hospital establishes Patient Care Wing


1975     South Vietnam surrenders to North Vietnam (April 30th)


1975     St. Elizabeth establishes new surgery,  ICU, x-ray department


1975     Tippecanoe County Morgue established 


1976     Indiana Soldier's Home renamed Indiana Veterans' Home


1976     Tippecanoe Emergency Ambulance Service established




1983     Dr. John Knote of TCMS named President ISMA


1990     Iraq invaded Kuwait


1991     United States Invasion of Iraq (Desert Storm)


1998     TCMS Monthly mtgs changed to Quarterly 


1999     Merger of Lafayette Home Hospital & St. Elizabeth Hospitals into one unified hospital 

              System known as Greater Lafayette Health Services 




2003     United States second invasion of Iraq


2003     Sisters of St. Francis Health Services, Inc. become sole owners of Greater Lafayette Health

             Services (GLHS)


2007     GLHS renamed St. Elizabeth Regional Health 


2008     Clarian Arnett Health Opens New Hospital as IU Health Arnett (a merger of Methodist 

              Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University Hospital)


2010     Home Hospital discharges its final patient on February 25.  All medical operations  

              moved to Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health - Lafayette East. 













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